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From medical exam tables to laboratory centrifuges, Cenmed is your one source supplier of apparel, chemicals, disposables, equipment, instruments, reagents, and repair services. Let us work for you to provide you with our comprehensive portfolio products to service your specific needs.

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bottles & jars conductivity meters & cells dry block heaters G
acrylic labware buffers conical tubes dryers gas cylinder valves
air pumps burets constant temperature baths E
electrodes, ph & ion-selective
glass rods & tubes
air purifier burners contact angle meter electrophoresis apparatus & supplies glassware
air sampling equipment C
caps & closures
counting chambers enclosures glassware washers
air test kits carts crucibles environmental chambers gloss meters
aluminum squares cell assay reagents crushers, grinders & mills environmental sampling equipment glove boxes
animal care equipment cell culture flasks cryogenic equipment & supplies evaporators, rotary gloves
antibodies centrifuges & accessories cryostats extraction apparatus graduated cylinders
antiviral & antibacterial agents centrifuge tubes culture bottles & flasks F
ferrules & fittings
groundwater samplers
aprons chairs & stools culture dishes, plates & tube fibrometers H
Ascarite II® chemicals culture media filters heating mantles & tapes
assay plates chlorine test kits cuvettes first aid kits homogenizers
autoclaves chromatography apparatus D
flash point testers hoods
bacteriological media & apparatus
chromatography supplies densitometer flasks hot plates
balances chromatography vials density measurement equipment flexible syringes HPLC column heaters
balance weight sets circulators, constant temperature desiccators flow meters & regulators HPLC columns & solvents
barometers clamps & supports dewar flasks fluorometers HPLC fittings & tubings
baths, constant temperature cleanroom supplies dialysis apparatus & tubing freeze dryers & accessories HPLC solvent recyclers
beakers cleaners & detergents dilutors freezers hybridization ovens
biochemicals clocks & stopwatches dishes fume hoods & blowers hydrogenators
bioimaging systems colony & tally counters dispensers funnels hydrometers
blenders colorimeters dissecting equipment furnaces & controllers hygrometers
blood collecting apparatus columns distillation packing furniture hygrothermographs
blotting apparatus & supplies combustion apparatus distilling apparatus    
ice makers
microtomes & accessories pipet washers staining supplies & reagents V
vacuum gauges
immersion oils microwave ovens pipets stainless steel ware vacuum greases
incubators mills (Wiley Mills®) pipettors standards - inorganic & organic vacuum pumps
inoculating loops mobile phase handling systems plastic labware sterilizers vials
insulating loops moisture testing apparatus platinum labware stirrers viscometers
isfet ph meters multiwell plates polarimeters stoppers viscosity standards
karl fischer reagents
power monitors storage bins, cabinets & racks voltmeters
karl fischer titrators nephelometers & standards power supplies surgical instruments vortex mixers
lab coats
nitrogen testing apparatus pre-cleaned sample containers syringes W
wash bottles
lab jacks & supports notebooks presses, hydraulic T
tapes & tape dispensers
water baths
lab mats nucleic acid analysis kits pressure reaction vessels Teflon® labware water purification
labeling systems O
oil & petroleum apparatus
pumps test tubes water samplers
laminar flow cabinets Orbital Shakers pump oils test tube mixers water test kits
lamps osmometers R
test tube racks wet-test meters
liquid handling equipment ovens recorders thermographs wire racks
low temperature baths oxygen combustion flasks refractometers thermometers Wiley Mills®
Lubriseal® oxygen meters & probes refrigerators thermoregulators ... and more!
magnetic stirrers
paint testing apparatus
roller bottles timers & time switches  
magnifiers paper towels , wipers & bench paper rotators tissue culture apparatus  
mailing cases & containers pcr tubes rubber stoppers & tubing tissue grinders  
marking pens penetrometers S
safety cabinets & fixtures
tissue processing apparatus  
masks, dust & surgical pens, recorder safety spill clean-up kits titrators  
media pens & markers sand baths TLC plates & sheets  
melting point apparatus personal protective equipment shakers TLC tanks & sprayers  
mercury analyzers petri dishes shakers, incubator toxic waste samplers  
metabolic cages pH buffers & electrodes sieves transformers  
metering pumps pH electrodes, micro sieve shakers transilluminators  
microbiology reagents pH meters & ion meters soil samplers tubing & connectors  
microcentrifuge tubes pH test kits soil test kits turbidimeters & standards  
microcentrifuges pipet fillers solutions U
microscopes & accessories pipet tips, aerosol resistant solvents ultrasonic cleaners  
microscope slides & slips pipet tips spectrophotometers ultrasonic processors  
      ultraviolet lamps  
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